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 "Eccleston George brings dead spaces back to life; they reveal a new fascination in familiar places, and they relate to young people, especially those too often labelled as ‘difficult to reach’, in a way that I have never seen bettered.

The innovation of their raw material is applied by their team with the vision of great environmental artists and the craft skills of great makers to produce outstanding pieces of work. But it’s much more than this, they use the medium of their making to teach, enthuse and inspire everyone who joins in, whether it be a single child, a class, a whole school or a neighbourhood.

I’ve seen this become transformational. Now that’s a very rare gift."

Ian Boyd. Arc Consulting.


 "You guys do something inspirational and amazing. Please keep on pointing the way."

Councillor Steve Stubbings Dept Leader Isle of Wight Council. 

"I just see the word TEAM when I see you guys. Forget all those rubbishy  management books you guys do it the best!!"                                                         Natalie Long. 
Senior Lecturer, Portsmouth University Centre for Enterprise.  
    "When you came to our global head office in London your team had a fantastic input into our corporate day making it fun whilst delivering a complex set of tasks to a very large group of our staff (250). We loved the enthusiasm you showed and the commitment to ensuring we achieved the required outputs. We look forward to receiving your support in the future and helping us to maintain momentum with change implementation."
    Francisco J Munoz Assistant Director of Corporate Finance Price Waterhouse Coopers


"Your working methods in education make so many complex and intrinsic things happen so elegantly and with an ease that it almost becomes "invisible", as is the case with all hard work geared up into mastered praxis."                                                                       

Kerstin Bragby University of Author of 'Inner Mindscape Outer Landscape - Embedding a Culture of Enterprise & creativity in the curriculum'.    

 "Well done chaps! What a gargantuan effort."

Peter Fellows. Manager. West Wight Landscape Partnership.

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