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"Teaching at it's best" Conor Divine. Head of art Bridgemary School.

"Eccleston George is a remarkable organization. They do something quite extraordinary and they do it not only with great expertise but with great fun too. The delight on the faces of the children they work with (and the teachers, and the parents, and quite often the passers-by too) is a far better recommendation than I can give with just a few words." Ian Boyd. Natural Enterprise.

"Thank you and your wonderful team for working alongside us, I wish you could be with us and the children all of the time" Anne Steele Arnette. Head Teacher St Mark's Primary School.

"Your on-going support of the school is much appreciated."  Sue Holman. Head Teacher. St George's School.

" Your passion is so very evident in the work you have been producing and the way you involve the children ticks every box."   Natalie Long, Senior Lecturer Portsmouth University Creative Technologies. Creative and Cultural Industries. - our project that everyone is talking about! 

Our thoughts on education.

We believe that the way we educate our children is due for one or two changes. Some time ago we decided that we wanted to be part of making these changes and so, to get the ball rolling, over the last seven years we've been developing some ways to help to show the positive impact that comes with making these changes a reality.

Collaboartive learning, creative divergent thinking, enterprise & entrepreneurship, tacit knowledge transfer and 'experience led learning' are all parts of a kind of delivery programme that we think is really important. We've had some success implimenting these ideas too, one of our projects has Now been included in a European Commission Comenius best practice study called Inner Mindscape Outer Landscape. Many more of our school projects have been being hailed as successes by the schools in which they've been delivered and also been mentioned favourably in a few Ofsted reports and helped at least one school to acheive an outstanding grade. We call our style of project delivery Experience Led Learning. 

Through our work we want to inspire young people to believe that they can aspire to do whatever they want with their lives. We want them to realise that learning can be engaging and even fun, and that working creatively will help them to think clearly and stay focused. By delivering projects this way, we've found that students of all levels, ages and abilities begin to discover for themselves that by working hard they can start to unlock their own, often hidden, potential.

With a wide ranging array of creative techniques and skills the Eccleston George team is ready to work with your students and teachers on a new kind of education delivery.

Eccleston George have worked on a number of schools projects now, both working in school grounds to create exciting play and learning areas and running workshops and events. Their working methods and materials have huge potential for practical and innovative features for your school grounds and to help you deliver the curriculum in creative ways. They don't just come to your school and make things for you, they work with your students to first design things and then work with them again to actually make them. It is this process of thinking up ideas, formulating those ideas, refining and designing and then actually making them reality that the EG team believe is a fantastic and inspiring way to teach and learn.

Parents, pupils and teachers can work hands on with the sculpting so they can feel real ownership of the work and and see their own designs made 'flesh'.


Nigel George talks about the Dragon project.


Environmental issues are discussed and recycling,reclaiming and upcyling are explored as part of the design and make process.

 MuralsBridgemary Community School Gosport 2009

Low relief wall murals have proved very popular in school settings. They can illustrate themes and ideas from the curriculum and we can faithfully replicate pupils drawings. 




We have teamed up with willow artist Tim Johnson to create fantastic sculpted domes which can be used as outdoor classrooms.







With our medium we can sculpt anything from huge lifelike dinosaurs to more abstract sculptural works. Pupils can work with the team through all concept, design, planning and construction processes.

   Sandpits and Digs  

Dragon 24th Mar 09 046









Students can work with us on every aspect of the project from concept, research & design through to construction and use after completion, like this Dinosaur dig in a school on the Isle of Wight. 



Outdoor Furniture

Pupils have an opportunity to work with us to design and make outdoor funiture for their own school grounds.





 Wildlife AreasMedusa's Meadow Opening & workshops 054

We have sucessfully helped schools to develop their own wildlife gardens etc. Using Earth casting techniques to make 'Bug Hotels', bird baths, pools and ponds.




 Music projects 

 We have a team of professional musicians who work with pupils to create original songs and music, write lyrics, perform and create CD recordings of their work.






Here's what schools say about us....

"We think it's superb...........hope you'll be back!" Linda Cahill Head  of Brighstone Primary School.

"I thought you made some amazing music with the kids...that most of all they enjoyed and will remember forever."  
Thomas Web music teacher Bridmary Community Sports College.
"I've found it really inspirational ...........teaching at its best" Head of Art Conor Devinne Bridgemary Community Sports College.

"The students and staff have particularly enjoyed working with Eccleston George who really have become part of the school family. They have contributed on so many levels to the pupils, supporting and guiding them to make art, and encouraging them to believe that anything is possible if they problem solve and work hard. They also worked with students to record and release the Making Sense Song, to raise money for materials to continue the projects. Their respect and support has provided fantastic role models for the students which we now see emulated in the daily behaviour of the school." Sue Holman Head Teacher St George's Special Needs School.


In 2008 Nigel George was asked to speak at the National Creative Curriculum Conference in London about the teams experiences working on and leading creative learning programmes.   In 2009 he was invited to speak at the Time Educational Suppliment Special Needs conference in London.

In 2011 Nigel was a guest speaker at the 'Embedding a Culture of Conference of Enterprise & Creativity' conference in Milan and is taking part of the related EU Comenius study of the same name.

In 2012 Nigel and Daniel were speakers in Soderhamn Sweden at the international creativity and enterprise conference there. They have also played a part in the production of a 'handbook' aimed at teaching professionals across Europe relating to enterprise and creativity in the curriculum.

ECCLESTON GEORGE & THE DRAGON                            


Working in collaboration with school staff, Eccleston George have initiated a totally new kind of creative learning project at a special needs school on the Isle of Wight. This very exciting project is called Dragon and it is based at St George's School.


Imagine a school for children and young adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities setting up their own business in their own school grounds.

What would happen if this business enterprise, based around creative learning, invited other schools to use a facility that the students at that PMLD school had not only designed and built themselves but actually ran themselves .
Well we're about to find out!.........As far as we know St George's School in Newport is the first school in the UK to offer a pay to use service to other schools. Students at St George's will have an opportunity to work at every level of the business, from management to maintenance from IT to PR and development, they will be able to gain real experience of real business and of life in the work place at every level. The far reaching effects of this project will be fantastic for all involved, for St George's, Island schools, benefactors, investors, funders, partners and sponsors alike.



To see images of the Making Sense project click this link.....



Teaming up with Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson weaving willow.         


The Eccleston George boys have at longlast colloborated with environmentl artist, Tim Johnson, on a art project.  St Mary's Primary School in Ryde on the Isle of Wight is the first place to benifit from such a joint project . Tim said "We've been talking about teaming up to do something for a long long time, it's great to have finally managed to make it happen".


Children of St Mary's investigate the dome.


The project has seen the artists build a full size native dwelling using Tims hazel and willow weaving techniques and Eccleston George's cement mache to cover it with a permenant skin. The dwelling will also function as a camera obscurer that the pupils at the school will be able to use in lessons.


Nigel George said " We love it and we're planning the next joint project right now, there is so much that us lot and Tim can do together that we can't achieve on our own. This project has opened up so many possibilities"


To find out more about Tim Johnson click the link.



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