Making Music


Our music projects are generally delivered as part of our Creative Eductaion programme. With a whole bunch of professional musicians on our team, we're increasingly finding ourselves in demand for the delivery of music and song writing projects in schools and for community groups.

Participants have the chance to work with our team of musicians who will guide them through the complete music making process, from writing and arranging to recording either in a professional studio or in a portable studio. Cover artwork and CD artwork workshops can also included in a music project package as can music video creation.

In addition to these school and community group projects we're now working on the idea of setting up some 'drop-in' and 'music club' style workshops. We'll post more about these events as soon as we've had a chance to find appropriate venues and workout a programme.

 Vintage at Goodwood music workshops  Vintage at Goodwood music workshops

As with our visual art projects, music projects can be incorporated into any part of the teaching curriculum. From maths and science to drama and of course music lessons, music the Eccleston George way can yield some suprising results.


From percussion workshops to the creation of a full muti-section band and onward to the experience of the whole music making process of song writing and recording through to post production work using industry standard computer software, our music team is ready and waiting to work with you.

 Gary Plumley and student recording   Jack and the band


 Recording brass   Music recording at Nodehill School 

Check out the Making Sense Song written and recorded by the Eccleston George Music team. for Latest Music projects

Click here to listen to some more of our music team's work.



Upcoming Events

Monday, Jan 6 at 3:00 AM - Friday, Jan 10 4:00 AM
Monday, Jan 6 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday, Jan 8 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Monday, Jan 13 at 3:00 AM - Friday, Jan 17 4:00 AM