About us


ECCLESTON GEORGE is a collection of creative people who work together on many different kinds of projects. The collective brings together an array of artists, craftsmen/women, musicians, innovators and creative thinkers and makes them accessible to schools, communities, organisations and businesses alike. The creation of social capital is high on our agenda and as such is often a common thread woven through all realms of our work.

In 2015 we were picked to take part in Centrica Energy's 'Ignite Social Impact project'. We're still on the Ignite programme and working with Centrica's social impact team

We're currently working with Bournemouth University on a project to create habitat on sea defenses.

We're currently working with Portsmouth University's Interior Architect BA3 & MA students.

We're also working with Glasgow University on coastal structures asset resilience through design and implementation of 'Bio-Armour'.


What we think!

We believe creativity & enterprise contribute to the development of everyone's sense of identity, both as individuals and as members of society. We have seen how creative projects can galvanize community engagement and participation on issues that impact on quality of life for everyone.

The place of creative practitioners in establishing vibrant communities is now widely recognised. We've found ourselves taking a key role in envisioning, designing and presenting imaginative propositions to education, businesses and communities. We have a particular interest in working with new models for sustainable economic growth which nurture enterprise in communities and benefit the environment in equal measures. The way we see it, creativity is a bit like a Swiss Army Knife, useful for all manner of things!

At Eccleston George we think that our strength comes from the talent possessed by our members, our pallet of skills is unusually wide ranging and as such we are very well placed to respond to the diversity of ideas and projects that might be presented to us in the course of our work.

Whilst the Eccleston George collective connects to an enormous number of talented individuals at its heart is a creative team based on the Isle of Wight and dedicated to working on all kinds of interesting and challenging projects with good humour and a conscientious attitude.




This little video goes some way towards summing up what we do.


 "Eccleston George brings dead spaces back to life; they reveal a new fascination in familiar places, and they relate to young people, especially those too often labelled as ‘difficult to reach’, in a way that I have never seen bettered. 
The innovation of their raw material is applied by their team with the vision of great environmental artists and the craft skills of great makers to produce outstanding pieces of work. But it’s much more than this, they use the medium of their making to teach, enthuse and inspire everyone who joins in, whether it be a single child, a class, a whole school or a neighbourhood.

I’ve seen this become transformational. Now that’s a very rare gift."

Ian Boyd. Arc Consulting.


 "I just see the word TEAM when I see you guys. Forget all those rubbishy  management books you guys do it the best!!"                                           

Natalie Long. Senior Lecturer, Portsmouth University Centre for Enterprise.  


"When you came to our global head office in London your team had a fantastic input into our corporate day making it fun whilst delivering a complex set of tasks to a very large group of our staff (250). We loved the enthusiasm you showed and the commitment to ensuring we achieved the required outputs. We look forward to receiving your support in the future and helping us to maintain momentum with change implementation."

Francisco J Munoz

Assistant Director of Corporate Finance Price Waterhouse Coopers

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  "Your working methods in education make so many complex and intrinsic things happen so elegantly and with an ease that it almost becomes "invisible", as is the case with all hard work geared up into mastered praxis."      

Kerstin Bragby University of Author of 'Inner Mindscape Outer Landscape - Embedding a Culture of Enterprise & creativity in the curriculum'. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   "Well done chaps! What a gargantuan effort."

Peter Fellows. Manager. West Wight Landscape Partnership. 


Previous Clients include


Mainland UK & overseas                     Isle of Wight

BBC Television                                    The Dinosaur Farm Museum                   

Carlton Television                                 Amazon World

Chester Zoo                                         Medina Butterfly Farm

Marwell Zoo                                         Isle of Wight Zoo

Sea Life Centre Brighton                       Island 2000 Trust

Paradise Wildlife Park                          Robin Hill Country Park

Portsmouth City Council                       Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Fusion Films                                       Creative Partnerships

Merlin Entertainments Ltd                     Ryde High School

Network Rail Partnership                      St John’s Primary School

Essex County Council                         St Mary's Primary School

Network Rail Partnership                      Chale Primary School

BBC Breathing Places                         Totland Primary School

Park Community College                      Brading Primary School

Bridgemary Community School             Sandown Cof E Primary School

Creative Partnerships                           St Georges (PMLD) School

Butterfly World StAlban's                      Newchurch Primary School

Future Gardens StAlban's                     Sandown High School

St Mark's Junior School, Soton             Medina High School

St George's Primary School Prtsth        Brading Roman Villa

Porchester Community Sch                  Yarmouth Harbour Commission 

Hamble Com Sports College                 Yarmouth Primary School

Portsmouth University School of            LJ's Community Centre

Architechture                                       Osbourne Middle School

Houndsdown Community School           The Pavilion Community Centre            

Victoria School Poole                           Her Majesty's Prison Service

Kompan                                              Medina Housing Association

Portsmouth Uni Centre of Enterprise      Brighstone Primary School  

ArtsWork                                            Quay Arts

Education,Audiovisual& Culture Agency Cowes High School

Paignton Town Community Partnership  Youth Offending Team

Torbay County Council                           Carisbrooke Castle

Brockenhurst Primary School                   Bishop Lovett School

Lymington Primary School                       Nodhill Middle School

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School   Natural Enterprise


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