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AA to the rescue!

Posted by Eccleston George Team on January 29, 2014 at 11:50 AM

We think AA stands for Artful Angels. On our way from our Isle of Wight base to our latest community art project in Devonshire two weeks ago our van had a little mishap and broke down on a roundabout (on a yellow box) in Christchurch dorset. It transpired that a connector on our hydraulic clutch assembly had snapped in half leaving us very stuck in a very akward place.

We managed to shove our stricken van to one side so traffic could pass and phoned the AA. No sooner had we made the call did Mark the AA man appear out of nowhere, a bit like the shop keeper in the 70's children's tv show Mr Benn. "What's the problem chaps?" he enquired in cheerie kind of way, "the clutch is broken" we replied glumly..."lets take a look" said Mark the AA he did. What happened then over the next hour or so was nothing short of pure automotive fixing art and craft.

Using bits and bobs from the back of his van, all of which were meant for things other than what Mark the AA man was using them for and some of our own tools that we had with us, he crafted a roadside fix of utter genius. It was wonderful to see a man in his element using his aqcuired knowledge and skill to innovate a beautifully crafted solution to our problem. Anyone that know's us will know we're very used to reinventing, reusing, recycling and upcyling stuff to make things much better than their parts, so for us lot watching Mark work seemed quite familiar in many ways...not least because one of the materials he used to fix our broken clutch and get us back on the road was a clay-like substance Mark the AA man called resin steel, or something like that.

Now then, all that would be brilliant enough but after he left us we discovered that Mark the AA Artful Angel had left us a strange calling card made from the resin steel stuff he used as part of his innovative roadside fix ...see below.

What's so odd about that I here you say.....well just take a look at the floor plan (below) of the design layout for the project we were on our way to do when we broke down.

And here's the finished community art project -

We think that Mark the AA man is probably psychic as well as crafty! 

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