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Where are they now?

Posted by Eccleston George Team on October 21, 2018 at 9:35 AM

By Nigel George.

Firstly, yes Eccleston George is still here!

Someone asked me the either day if we'd wound up the collective....shut up shop...called it a day. Blimey no, we'd have to have multiple labotomies in order to call time on Eccleston George I said in response! 

You see Eccleston George is, and always has been, an fact more than idea, a belief system, and as such would be very difficult to get rid of even if we wanted to, which we don't by the way.

Like all ideas that find a way to 'fix' in the minds of multiple humans at once, it doesn't take much to bring them back life if the idea has lain dormant for a while. When the time comes to wake up, the slightest breath of intention will bring an idea to its senses and wham it jumps to life, all reanimated by creativity and intention. You see an idea like Eccleston George is a lot like a living organism and just like all things that are alive, ideas, especially good ones, need a minimum of two things if they are to last:- 1) Resources to sustain them and 2) An environment in which to survive and replicate themselves. Eccleston George is an idea that inhabits the minds of many and that's why it won't go away easily...and that is also the reason we don't want it to. Strange as it might sound our odd collective of creative minds has discovered something lots of organisations desperatly seek, governments talk about and communities ponder over. By being an idea that stuck in the minds of many, Eccleston George has found a way to the mythical 'R' word! Yes we have discovered how to be RESILIENT!

Can we teach it? Can you learn it? YES! But first, and this is key, you have to understand what it actually is. As we ourselves have seen, the search for resilience leads many in the wrong direction again and again, so much so that eventually the word itself loses all meaning and is religated to the dusty filing cabnet of disused unfashionable buzzwords.



Anyway it took us quite a while to figure it all out so if you want to know what we know about RESLIENCE then you're going to have to make a donation to our cause. Consultation, it's a wonderful thing!

Okay so where is the Eccleston George collective now you ask, you did ask that didn't you? The answer to that is all over the place doing all sorts of things....making music, making things, dreaming, writing, travelling, learning..that sort of thing. Sounds whimsical I here you I say in response, no it's not....that's what building relience looks like.....sort of!

At the moment of writing this, the Ecclleston George team is spread across the planet, each pursuing their interests and creativity in their own way. Will we meet again? Certainly we's just a matter of time before you hear about circumstance, fortune, creativity and intention colliding with a real world problem. And when you do hear about it, know this, that'll be us coming up with a novel solution involving science,art, music and probably some song and dance to's how we continue to roll!

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