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There are some ideas that we incorporate into the whole of our professional work, because they are sound and effective problem-solvers, but also because they push the boundaries of conventional thinking in our field, and that’s what we like. Artecology is exactly this, a concept which we have worked up with our friends and collaborators, the brilliant ecologists Arc Consulting. Together we believe that the built environment, and especially the public realm, can and should be engaging to experience (design, aesthetic, sense of place) AND colonisable by wildlife; but we would take that one step further and say that it is at its most appealing WHEN it is also a wildlife encounter!

The opportunities are immense for the building-in of habitats when new development is planned. From the familiar bat and swift bricks to more innovative combinations of seating and sculpture, from bio-armour and marine habitat creation or seawalls… and from beewalls to greenroofs! It’s an exciting new world of biodiverse architecture.


 Above: Vertipool on a seawall.

Part of a five unit array that has been in situ for four years and monitored by Bournemouth University.

What is Artecology?

Artecology is a new way to integrate ecology into the built environment. Brick, concrete, wood and steel can all become functioning parts of local ecosystem services, bringing wildlife encounter into everyday places and adding natural resilience and protection to buildings and infrastructure. Artecology provides design advice, construction services, building products and community engagement tools. Why would I want Artecology? Artecology is the most efficient way you can use space, time and money to masterplan for environmental success, meet your project’s ecological requirements, enrich public places, improve community wellbeing and add life to your construction and engineering. How has Artecology been used? Artecology methods and techniques have been used by our clients and partners in climate-change adaptation; environmental, legal and policy compliance; project tendering, planning applications and condition discharge; playspace and public realm design; community engagement and consultation events; educational projects and university research.

Find out more at our Artecology website

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